About Omole…

I am Omole.

For Omole, art has always been an escape from the reality of the mundane. She hopes she can provide an escape for others, too.

She is an Embroidery and Textile artist, inspired by other art, her immediate surroundings, her present situation, and anything else that takes her fancy. Her skill lies in seeing, interpreting, and then producing works of art for her personal collection. As well as this, she has made pieces for clients, and taught embroidery classes with The University of Leeds, through Leeds Cultural Institute.

Omole has also taken inspiration from the cultures of China and of Japan for a project called Far East Favourites. She sold Origami style Chinese Lantern Kits, and produced a video on her Youtube demonstrating how to make them.

The original Far East Favourites project morphed into Half The Creative in 2021, after the artist decided to expand her art style to cover all of her personal interests. A friend once told her “Omole, I wish I had half your creativity!”. And so, Half The Creative was born.

Omole’s other varied interests include learning foreign languages, entrepreneurship, and computer science. She is fluent in French, and has taught herself Russian and Mandarin Chinese. Some of her works are displayed in galleries in Doncaster.

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